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I was sitting next to Elliot outside who was complaining about how old he felt.

“You’re only 7 years old. Imagine how I must feel!” I scolded him.

“You’re pretty much dead already, Dad. But I’m getting there too. I’m no better off,” he said looking down in the palm of his hands.

“Dead? Yo, don’t get your hopes up yet! I’m alive and kicking. You’re stuck with me for another couple of decades.”

So I got up and kicked the tree in front of me. I swung my head back at him and smiled, lost my balance and fell to the ground. Perhaps kicking a tree wasn’t such a good example. I heard Holly running out of the house and Elliot laughing hysterically at me.

I slowly managed to stand up but by then they were both laughing!

“I’m not going to forget this. You both are horrible!” I scolded them and sat back down.

“Hun, you have a piece of grass stuck to your face.” Holly brushed her hand against my cheek a few times as she continued to laugh. I could feel them staring at me.

I lost my balance, it wasn’t because I am getting older. But they like to believe it unfortunately.

“Oh, Dad, guess what?”

“The grass is green and you seriously need to start going to daycare.”


“Then, is it about the dirt I put in your pillow this morning?”

Elliot snapped his head towards me.


Then knocking the chair back, he fell and scrambled inside like a confused cat. I was trying so hard not to laugh. His arms flung every which way and he swayed back and forth to the door.

Holly knew but ran inside after him.

It is so good to have a clueless son. The young are so gullible.

It probably took a couple of minutes for him to come back dragging his feet.

“That wasn’t nice!”

“What? Did you really think I was serious?”

“Well, I think I forgot to tell you what I was talking about.”

“Okay, what?”

“You have gray hair.”

“No I don’t.”

He hands me a mirror and points. “See! You’re old! You’re ancient. Your back goes out more than you do. Soon you will be able to hide your own Easter Eggs,” Elliot giggles.

This whole conversation didn’t end either. He just kept cracking wise jokes. I guess I gotta do something with him next time. Although we age, these things won’t get old.