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I know I have been MIA. But starting June 1st, Sunday, I will continue to my blog.

I will post the new schedule. After I will comment on Thor’s Rhapsody.

  • Sunday
    A chapter from the Mirror series will be posted this day. Rick takes a look back on his life and describes how his life led to where he is at now: live or let himself die.
  • Monday
    I will choose from one of WordPress’s Daily Prompts and write a short story answering the question. The story might be a past prompt or the current one. Read the bottom of each post if you would like to know.
  • Tuesday
    In Elliot’s Playground, the narrator tells stories about his mischievous child, Elliot. The series is humorous by the way…
  • Wednesday
    Poem Wednesday. Often times poems will be exclusively on Tumblr. Some will be posted on here too though.
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    Social Media Day. I will be commenting on Quota, answering questions. I will be following, reading, liking, tweeting, reposting,  etc. I will also start posting in my Shout Out page on here but feel free to include yourself!

Usually I post late at night.

I decided that Thor’s Rhapsody is too good to just post. I will write it as a novel. I will keep the current chapters as is on here but it doesn’t mean they aren’t subjected to being edited or… even deleted :o. But seriously cannot wait… it’s just sooo thrilling and chilling!

Notice about Saturday I list flash fiction as a possible choice. If you don’t know what it is, here’s a short description: Flash Fiction is a short story with 500 words or less.

I will also finish the Haiku Story this month, before June 1st. Although it was meant to be posted in April, things got crazy so I never completed posting it.

I plan to write more but eventually I will have one for every month.

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I am working on preparing Totally.Dot and Scoop.It. I will update about that later when I get them set up.

Also I am working on a new header. 🙂

Don’t be afraid to contact me with whatever. Stay tuned.