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Da (heart's) breaking point 
	"I can't keep proving my love"
I can't keep hurting... 

I get mad then so do you,
Arguing till sunrise. 

Smash the wall. Harder! 
Solves everything, right? Pound! "Argh!"
"Can't take it anymore!"

Listen! "No! You should! 
My fault I know, but you push" 
Starts from your mistakes! 

You can't see? My world... 
The depths of me, bleed and scream. 
"I know, so do I!" 

"I want to be free--
With you but you push, nagging" 
Sigh! You don't care, see...

When you say that, I... 
Feel the same. I speak my mind. 
You yell when I do! 

Honestly, I'm done! 
Is there any point? Spiraling
Inside hurricane... 

Whirling, thrusting us. 
Inside the eye of the storm 
Raining tears. Heart-break.

Da (heart's) breaking point 
	"I can't keep proving my love"
I can't either, so. 

Like a gentle breeze,
You suddenly kiss me, "Sh." 
"Quiet, babe. Okay?" 

No! That doesn't help!
He kisses me again. What ... !
The dawn rises. Shines! 

Tender. Dulcet. Zest. 
You pull me in close. Kissing. 
Insatiable love. 

He's caring, loving, 
But like clouds on a sunny day
I'm still having doubts

Doubt is Hell's fiend, 
Questioning and analyzing
Wandering distrust. 

"Trust me, please Baby."
Beauty of dew form by trust;
He stares through my soul. 

Not my "ideal" man..
But that's love and reasons to
love, and spring sprouting

Earth begins to sweat, 
Blossoming and living. But
Hurricanes twirl...

Twisters ravage spring 
Pulling new buds from the ground.
Season's eerie love. 

Your tears... making me--
"I can't help but to cry though." 
--sad. Your river scares me.

—Eli Jenkins