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I found it very odd Georgia and (especially) Elliot did not try anything in the morning. Eerily odd. I was really concerned. But it was not too bad, at least I wouldn’t be home all day like Holly. And on the upside I would be home before Elliot and Georgia came home. But those two are tedious. They probably have traps laid out. I thought I knew I was safe. I would keep an eye on them and enter every room cautiously and whatever I take out to use, I will examine. I really thought my plan was safe indeed. Oh, man, I can’t help but to laugh now at my ignorance.

This morning I had my little chat with Holly about the mirror situation. She is one cheeky lady. Then we ate breakfast together. Everything was normal. My orange juice was actually orange juice instead of Mac N cheese mixed into water to look make it look like orange juice. I checked my suitcase to assure I am not bringing doodles showcasing my fabulous son’s artwork. The most impressive of all Georgia and Elliot stayed within my vision.

So I got into the car and headed to work. I am driving to one of the main offices an hour away so I had to take the highway. For some reason people kept honking. I mean it wasn’t like one or two honks. It was an absurd amount. And some people would hold down the horn or make a couple of short honks. Then others would just honk once. I thought at first perhaps it is new fad on April Fools to randomly honk your horn at people. But then I finally arrived at work and got out of the car.

I started walking to the building but I looked back at my car for reason. That is when I saw it. “Honk at my Dad! April Fools!” My mouth dropped. To think I got away. Of course it wouldn’t be in the morning or in the evening or even when I could watch them. It had to be when at the least expected time. I left it on though as I drove back from work. Hey, it was funny.

Not only that, when I got home and pulled into the drive way I saw the same sticker on Holly’s rear bumper! Georgia’s doing.

I took off my sticker and threw it in the garbage barrel then went inside.

“Hey Holly!”

She turned her head to me and smiled, “Hey,” she answers as she rushes up to me. “I have to pick up some stuff from the store. I know I should’ve went sooner but I got lazy.”

She gave me a kiss and scrambled out the door. I didn’t tell her about the sign though. Ha!

I sat around in the living room fiddling with some coding on my laptop when Elliot got home. He rushed to his room. Geez, everyone was in such a fit today.

Then I saw him again passing the hall way to the front door. Strange. After about 5 minutes I got up to check. I looked at him as he looked at me with a smile as he set up his plan. I see he was in a hurry to set it up for when Georgia walks through the door in 10 minutes. Elliot is some kind of genius when it comes to irony.

I decided to help him. It’s too funny. Two minutes before the bus dropped her off, Elliot and I sat on the couch waiting. We counted down the time as we giggled.

We hear here shuffling foot steps walking up to front door. The doorknob turns. Elliot and I turn to each other and smile.


A very loud, high pitch honk screeched. Then next thing I knew Elliot and I were laughing so damn hard as Georgia screams and runs towards us. For a good ten minutes we couldn’t catch our breaths. We taped an air horn to the wall so when the door opens the handle hits the button, making the tremendous, high-pitched sound.

Then after we settled down, we sat waiting for our next victim, Holly. The combination of the bumper sticker and the air horn proceeding one another is too good.

We waited for some time. Finally we heard the car pull in. Again Elliot and I turned to each other trying to burst out laughing. Georgia stared at us pouting, trying not to laugh since we also pulled it on her. We perk up as we hear her footsteps approaching the door. She sets some grocery bags on the steps and then turns the doorknob. The door swings open.


A moment of silence followed. So we briskly walk to the door. Holly stared at us and then she bursts out laughing. We all just laughed hysterically for a couple of minutes. But soon after she scolded us and commanded us to bring in the groceries.

Holly stayed in the kitchen as I stayed in the living room with the kids as they did their homework until dinner time.

I walked into the kitchen sometime before it was ready. Holly stood in front of the counter finishing a design on a cake. I watched her as she frosted “April Fools” and a giant winking smiley face on it. Oh geez I thought. There must be something wrong with the cake. That’s her prank.

She smiled at me and said, “Finished.” As if that reassures me of anything. It worries me more!

Throughout dinner the cake laid in the middle of the table. Holly begged us to try it, after all, “it is delicious!” I thought of course it is and it’s her favorite cake too. She bakes it so well the fluff and lightness overwhelms your mouth. Chocolate oozes out as you chew it. It is absolutely delicious. But I thought there was no way she would have made it for April Fools. It is some kind of joke. So we all went to bed without trying a slice.

I laid down in bed first and then Holly comes in with a cake and a fork and blops down in bed. She takes huge chunks and stuffs it in her mouth. What the hell?

I asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Eating cake,” she said casually as she stuffs another big bite in her mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“It Deeliciouuuss!”

“It was an actual cake?”

She swallows it and then replies, in her most fabulous British accent answers, “Of course it is real. I made it on April Fools so I could be the only one to have it.”

Then stuffed another oozing chocolate slice into her mouth. Damn that woman.

—Elli Jenkins.

I know it is late. Sorry, I started being punctual with posting but then I got sick and now I am back to posting late. Will work on it. 🙂 Still April 2nd Central and pacific time anyways.

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