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Midnight, April 1st, it is time! I look over at Holly, she is fast asleep. Good. Rising out of bed, I stare at her. I slip out of the covers and place my feet into my slippers. Earlier I placed bells on both of the kid’s doorknobs to assure they do not plant any jokes too early.

The toughest thing about being tall is you have to accommodate yourself to the “normal-sized” people. Not today though. Using my super stealth mode (as if it exists), I tiptoe to the bathroom, close the door behind me, and turn on the light.

Creeping over to the bathroom counter and slightly bending my knees, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Holly practically lives in front of the mirror as she gets ready for work. She asked me when we moved in if I could hang the mirror low for her. Of course I agreed. I am such a sucker when Holly asks me to do anything. Just for today things change.

I grip firmly on to the edges of the mirror and jiggle the mirror off of its hook and place it on the ground. My insides are tickling. Then I replace the Command Strip further up on the wall. Standing back, I imagine the mirror hanging from it. Hmm. It’s only for a day, right? It’s fine. Holly will only see the tip of her head though. I place the mirror back on its hook. Oh my! I can see myself without bending down! Just knowing this, strangely relaxes me.

Can’t rest yet though. All the mirrors must hang high!



I jump out of bed. “What?”


What the hell is going on.

“James!” Holly piercingly screams again.

I lounge to the door. Wait. Oh! I am in trouble for that.

“Ha! Very funny. You know you are very lucky I don’t have work today,” Holly says as she walks in front of me and lays her hand on my cheek.

“I know but you screaming scared the hell out of me!”

She stares into my eyes and then we break out laughing.

“I took the day off to go to the store today and relax and bake a cake today.”

“Oh, I see,” I chuckle.

“Watch out today. You know, they got something planned for us. Be careful.”

I kiss her on the cheek, grab her hand, and walk in the bathroom, “You know, you are really short. So short, in fact, only the top of your head is in the mirror.”

She looks up at me, again staring into my eyes. She’s cute and she knows it. Then she smiles, “At least I don’t have to worry about a ceiling fan cutting off my head.”

She’s so cheeky. I can’t help but to laugh. Today is going to be fun.

—Eli Jenkins


Stay tuned for Elliot’s Playground: April Fools (Part 2) tomorrow, April 2, 2014.