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Flummoxed. dizzy.
A begger’s cant. Pleading. Help!
Why can’t you forgive?

—-Eli Jenkins


Bloodstained Heart

Breathing. Beating. Thump.
Desire, passion, heart-throb, Darling…
Jump. Fall down together.

—Eli Jenkins

I wrote this poem… where two lovers (or two friends) jump off the edge of a bridge together. Then I thought for a moment. I am not saying that if you have a friend who wants to commit suicide, you should commit it with them. To help someone, you have to understand their feelings and the situation, thereby “falling with them.” Understanding affirms your love for someone. Not judging clenches the bond between the both of you. Dragging your feet with your friend at their lowest point avows you will always be there for the ups and downs. Eventually, your friend will recognize this and both of you will ascend up the stairs together in harmony after the ordeal together.

Then I realized, my haiku is quite similar to one of my favorite singer’s songs, “Bloodstained Heart” by Darren Hayes, singing about a similar thought.


Okay, so I am seriously sick right now. I probably will not post Thor’s Rhapsody on Friday (tomorrow) and probably won’t post Mirror on Sunday (their usual schedule for publication). I wrote these poems (and two others) on Tumblr earlier this week and queued them to publish for Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday night was when I started feeling ill but when I woke up Wednesday… it was bad. Earlier today (Thursday) I started feeling better but now back to feeling seriously ill. I am so sorry I will be behind this for the rest of the week and next week. I am hoping to get back on track the week after though.

So I think (hopefully, depending how things go and how I feel) I plan on posting a haiku poems every day for 30 days, but like telling a story… a haiku poem tells a story within itself, I know, but it will be like a story within a story I guess. In a way I guess this is like a “prologue” to the “Haiku Story” I am writing.

Short version: I am sick so I will be late posting stories. I plan on writing a series of haiku poems telling a short story throughout April but I don’t know if it will start April 1 as planned since I am sick. I am also behind in photoshopping images for each of my stories for P-interest… Again I will update it soon after I am well.