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[Chapter1]. This is Chapter 2.

Uptight jitters boiled in Thor’s chest. There, sitting in a dim room, filled a heavy pent-up draft, intoxicating his lungs. Thor crunched up one leg to his chest while the other dangled off the chair, swaying back and forth.

In a monotonous voice, the woman sitting across the room, asked, “How are you doing?”

Blankly staring down, the boy didn’t make a sound as he stayed in his fixated position.

The room’s smell teemed and stifled flimsily. An awkwardness broiled between the small boy and the woman with a notepad and pen.

Eric, the boy’s father, sat next to him and nudged Thor’s shoulder, “Come on, it’s okay.”

“Uh, I don’t know. Fine I guess,” he replied without looking up. The lady in front of him scribbled something on her notepad.

Annoyed, Eric clutched his hands together and sighed. He then grabbed his son and pulled him up from his slouching position, “Straighten up and act proper.”

The lady across the room scribbled something down once again and then said, “It’s okay, sir. Perhaps he is just shy is all. Let me talk to him alone. There’s a chance he will be more open.”

“But Doctor Bernard–”

“It’s alright. He is old enough to speak for himself. I understand why he wouldn’t want to be here. And with you here, being his parent, speaking his mind might even be harder. Are you worried he will say something–”

Eric held his hand up and stood, “No, I can assure you it is nothing like that. I will be in the waiting room.”

As he closes the door behind him, she reintroduced herself to the small boy, “I am Doctor Suzanne Bernard but you can call me Suzanne, nice to meet you. Who are you again?”

He glanced up at her notepad and then pulled his leg back towards his chest. Tiny black dots run across his field of vision as he breathes in the stifling smell of the room. The notepad seemed more distant than where it actually was. She seemed very distant.

“Uh, my name,” he replies, “Thor Theodore Baltazar.” He stared intensely down at his hands which static overtakes the view.

“Are you okay?”

Thor nodded his head.

“Do you ever think bad thoughts?”

He shook his head. Dizzy, he heard her voice fade in and out, as if her chair is sliding afar and then back.

“Do you see things or people who aren’t really there?”

His foot that tangles from the chair rapidly jerking up and down. Is she talking about the beings he sees? Is she implying that the beings he sees aren’t real? Are they real? What are they?

“Hm, I don’t know.”

“Do you remember what happened last night?”

Thor slowly nods his head.

“Can you describe it to me?”

Cocking his eyebrow up and lifting his head, he stared at the ridge of her glasses.

“hm.” His eyes grew blank.

“Go ahead, it’s alright,” the Doctor persisted.

He took a deep breath before speaking.

“Uh, I don’t know. My head was exploding. They were calling my name and I heard a lot of banging. I saw a girl with a bell and when she rung it, that was when everything stopped. Usually I see them and we talk. They are all mostly friendly. They wear outfits from a long time ago. The other day I saw one wearing armor! I wish I could touch him and feel the metal. I asked him how he could possibly walk wearing metal. And he explained that it was very heavy, and you have to be a very strong man to wear one. He was from the Dark Ages, which was a long time ago.”

Doctor Bernard jotted on her notepad as he spoke.

“Tell me more.”

“Well, they float and pass through things. I tried playing with them before, like I would try to hand them my blocks so they could build with me but they can’t touch anything. They love trying to play though and give me suggestions. I love their weird accents but they always tease me saying I can barely speak English. Then we would have whole conversations about how to speak. They say that it’s because I don’t have an accent which is why it makes it hard to speak normal. But then I tell them that everyone here speaks like me. They don’t believe me usually because I am by myself. Well, I am not really by myself because they are there but there is nobody like me around. Anyway–”

“Oh, I see. What do you think they are?

Thor tilted his head, “What do I think they are?”

A long pause follows. He never had to answer this question before. Nobody ever asked. His family called them his friends. But what are they? They aren’t solid like him but they sure acted and looked like him.

“Want to figure it out together, Thor?”

He nodded his head slowly.

“Well that’s great! But we can talk about this another day, alright?”

Again, the boy nodded his head.

Divider_Ding_27“I am very concerned about your son, Mr Baltazar,” Dr. Bernard whispered into Eric’s ear.

They stand next to each other in the corner of her room while Thor slumped back into his fixated position from earlier. The intoxicating feeling still overwhelmed his senses.

Raising his eyebrow to the news, Thor’s father asked, “Oh, gee! What is wrong with him? Is he going to be alright, Doctor?”

“Well, I think you ought to keep him at home for now and keep a watchful eye on him. I want to observe him while he plays by himself.”

“Sure, sure. Whatever you want. However much it costs, I want him to stop.”

“If he has what I think he has then we must start him on insulin therapy–”

“Woo, woo! Doc, what do you think it is? How serious–”

“All symptoms point towards Schizophrenia, it doesn’t occur in children often bu–”

“Are you saying my son is insane?” Eric’s clutches his palms together.

“It can be treated, usually with insulin therapy. There are some risks involved especially since he is only a child, but that is why I would like to observe him first. And then we can start him on treatment right away.”

Sorry, I should have posted this yesterday but I fell asleep. I will try to be more punctual in general too. This chapter is like the beginning of hell :).