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The next morning I sluggishly pulled myself out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

Even at this age waking up is such a drag.

I started yawning as I looked myself in the mirror. I was exhausted. I was thinking of how quiet things have been around here and how relaxing it was.

In mid yawn, that was when I suddenly heard a very, very high-pitch scream. I fumbled out of the bathroom.

In panic I yelled, “What’s wrong?”

And ran into Georgia’s room where she sat up in bed with her mouth wide open and stroking out goo from her hair.

She quickly glanced at me, got up, and sprinted pass me.

“I am going to kill you!”

Just to think it was getting relaxing around here. I don’t know why but I stood in the bedroom’s doorway for a minute. Perhaps I just secretly wanted Elliot to get roughed up a little– knowing that’s all Georgia would do to him.

I turned around, Holly was there behind me.

“You know what he did,” she asks.

We both giggled quietly at each other for a minute. Then we rushed into Elliot’s room.

“You little rascal! How dare you..”

Georgia was slumped over Elliot, slamming a pillow against his head as he just laid in his bed laughing hysterically.

It was a cruel joke, something that will be laughed at in a couple of years. For now it will only be a memory of how Elliot is such a pain.

I could not help but to smile at them, but Holly slapped my shoulder, putting me in my place.

Glancing at Holly, who in turn pouted and glanced over to the ruckus, compelled me to get serious. I walked besides them, took the pillow out of Georgia’s hands, and scowled at them, “Go get ready for school Elliot. Georgia get ready to go to the hairdresser.”

Pouting, Georgia leaped off of Elliot and went into her bedroom, murmuring, “I can’t stand that kid sometimes.”

Still laughing and gasping for air, Elliot pulled his blankets over his head.

“Go brush your teeth,” I scolded.

Unfortunately, since I had to take Georgia to the hairdresser’s the wonderful job of explaining to the lady why my daughter has gum in her hair– how embarrassing.