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“I am going to cut my hair short tomorrow,” Georgia proclaims.

Holly, my wife, and I glanced over to each other. When ever Holly took her as a child, Georgia would cry and cry about getting her haircut.

Holy replied, “How short is short?”

“I have been thinking how much my long hair gets in the way so after you made my haircut appointment. I finally decided today I want to get it cut above my shoulders.”

Again Holly and I glanced over. Things change a lot when kids become a teenager. I remember what seemed like yesterday Holly and I took her home from the hospital.

We were both indifferent to her decision but very much surprised. I am glad though she just something now while we were eating dinner tonight instead of coming home from the hairdresser’s with 3/4ths of her hair gone. I hate surprises– especially when females do it to get a reaction– my daughter not being an exception. But perhaps I have grown a tad cranky with surprises ever since Elliot was born. That kid is full of surprises all the time.

“Well, your father is going to take you to the hairdresser’s tomorrow, I have to work,” Holy stated smiling at me.

Typical Holly.

“Am I?” I smiled back.

She knows I hate surprises, she does it on purpose. I guess the kids inherited more of her personality, especially Elliot.

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