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Eli drew a deep breath.

Today was the day.

With time suspended, all of his thoughts and emotions intensified.

The corners of his mouth lift up in an arch, causing indentations in his cheeks to form.

Is this what happiness feels like?
Is this what it means to love and be loved?

He stands in front of a woman– a woman who loves him for who he really is. She stands there, facing him with tears in her eyes.

She has her bags packed and ticket laying on the desk. The taxi was ordered to arrive soon. She stands by an open window, her dress wavering as the wind rushes in– but now its suspended in animation.

Eli exhaled. His nerves quivered for a second.

She planned to live with another man and was getting ready to leave.

He could not let her let go; he knew deep down inside her heart she did not actually want to go. How could he let her go anyways when it was all his fault she was hurting?

Three hours or so ago–or who knows how long it was ago now considering that time intervals existence dwell endlessly in this transverse– the young man rushed into her room.

Hurt by him yet still memorized by his craze, she let him rush in and hug her.

Eli wrapped her hands into his and spilled out his heart. He went on and on.

This woman just stared at him, biting her lip in attempt not to burst into tears.

At first, she refused. In her mind it would be impossible to change her plans now. Besides a lot of money was spent into these plans.

But as he continued, his bold tenderness cracked open the door.

Although it be wrong for her to hang her clothes back in her closet after all of this planning and money, she was sort of open to the idea of staying.

Eli did not breath for a moment. He wanted her. In fact, he needed her in his heart.

She secretly felt the same but she was too hurt to admit it.

It seemed like a long time ago when they were together, staring into each other’s eyes like this.

Every time they saw each other since from day one, a fluttering warm feeling penetrated their chests, slowing their breathing.

They felt this manifestation even then as they stand in front of each other.

There was something about his eyes when she stared into his.

Likewise there was always something in her eyes when he stared into hers.

And whenever one gave up, slamming the door on the relationship, the other would bang on the door till it opened.

That’s what happened; Eli banged on her heart’s door until she opened it.

Until she smiled at him and whispered, “I love you.”.

And that’s when Eli took a deep breath and smiled.

He wants more.

He wants a life with her.

He doesn’t want time to stop.

If time stopped then the ups in life will never be as meaningful if downs never happened. The downs make what the ups are. There is nothing wrong with wanting to always feel happy but without enduring sadness in the first place, a person would not even feel that happiness that he or she wants to grasp on to forever. If you just just stop there, the first time experiencing happiness after enduring hardships, then how would you ever know what even greater happiness is?

It is nice to linger but only for a moment.

–Eli Jenkins


From WordPress’s Daily Prompt: March 17, 2014

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?
–by Krista

First time doing a Daily Prompt, let me know if I am doing right.