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His parents were really concerned; perhaps he was mentally unstable or he could become a lunatic. All of their relatives teased them, saying their child has “cute imaginary friends.” Embarrassed, the couple would just nod their heads and smile in agreement. Although listening to them teasing, calmed their nerves.

They never muttered a word to anyone how they actually felt. They stuck to the phrase, “he’s smart because he has so many imaginary friends teaching him.”

As a small infant, he randomly stretched towards a direction and made a lot of “goo’s”, “bah’s”, and “aroo’s,” all seemingly normal things babies do, were due to what he saw and heard what they could not– a being standing there talking to him.

Growing from an infant to a toddler to a small boy, he always welcomed these funny people. He didn’t think anything strange about seeing these beings, to him, it was normal. But he recognized one thing though, they weren’t like his Mom or Dad or even himself. These peculiar beings would float and pass through walls and wore funny clothes all the time.

Whenever he talked to someone, he always babbled on about their characteristics; “One man wore a baseball cap, while the other wore a cowboy hat, and the girl wore a bonnet,” and so on.

His parents observed his behavior very closely, especially when he played by himself. Often the boy would stare up and lecture about an object in the room or about his toys, or he would speak as if he was having a discussion with someone, although there was nobody around.

Sometimes he would pick up something, stretch out his arm as if he was giving it to someone, and it would fall to the floor. At other times, their son would stretch out his arms and body as if he is reaching for something from afar or hug someone and then fall smack on the ground.

There were even odder moments, ones that came seldomly though, his eyes would turn blank, as if they were hollow; he would slowly begin to squint, rush his hands to cover his ears, and curl himself into a ball for a few minutes. Then suddenly he would get up and start playing again.

Through observation, they decided instead of sending him to school, they will home school him until he grew out of his “phase” to avoid any embarrassment.

As time passed by, his parents increasingly worried about his mental stability; their family teasing slowly accumulated into gossip, embarrassing them even more.

A few nights after his 8th birthday, he heard a deep chilling voice howling his name, “Thor! Thor! Thor!”.

Thor’s eyes widened.

“Thor!” the intense voice roared, shaking his bed.

In panic, he pulled his covers off and ran as fast as he could into his parents room, jumping into their bed, and crying hysterically.

“Thor! Thor! Thor!” the chilling voice continued to howl. The boy covered his head with his arms and screamed in terror.

The ample voice shrieked louder.

Thunder crackled in his ears.

His screams wailed louder.

His tears dripped faster.

“Thor! Thor Thor!”

His parents were petrified– at Thor’s turmoil.

They only perceived Thor’s screaming, the voices howling in Thor’s head were mute to them.

Boom! Boom! Crackle! Bang! Boom! Thump! Boom!

A mysterious coldness swept the room.

The deep voice and booming thunder rattled louder in the boy’s head.

His small body shivered severely.

His teeth chattered.

Sweat poured down his skin.

His skin felt like it was being jabbed by needles, ascending the sharpness in his wailing.

A shooting sting bounced back and forth from his feet to his neck, startling his nerves and paralyzing him into a beetle position.

His head burned with a fever.

The sounds quivered in and out as he became dizzy and lucid while the sounds continued growing louder and louder.



Thump! Boom!


Crash! Bang!


Suddenly, somewhere within all that noise, he suddenly heard a soft puffing noise, as if someone was tenderly taking a deep breath.

Ding! Dong!

All of a sudden, a firm, loud ring overtook all the noise in his ears.

Ding! Dong!

Thor gasped, drawing in an abundant amount of cold air.

He stopped screaming. The voice, the thunder, and the pain alleviated, turning the noises into muttered sounds and the pain into just aches.

The bell rang again but softer, yet still firm.

Ding! Dong!

Then came utter silence.

Lifting his head, he turned towards the bedroom’s window.

His vision swayed from left to right and right to left.

Peering through the static, he saw a girl about his age standing beside the window.

The girl, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles, wore a white gown, and held up a bell half her size, in one hand and a large white mallet in the other.

Thor let out the bottled air in his lungs.

He glared into her sparkling wide eyes which glared back into his puffy swollen brown eyes. A calm influx molded into his muscles and nerves, instantly relaxing them.

Then she suddenly vanished.

This is going to a series, similar to that of the “Mirror series”, where there will be a chapter a week (Friday, I figure, with the exception of today) continuing the story. So stay tuned in.

Featured picture: Ghost_Brushes_by_miss69_stock