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I surged up, swung my feet out of bed, placing them on the floor, and drew in a deep breath. My wide-awake expression instantly dissolved  into a zombie-like-state.

Slowly, I extend my arm to the night stand and fumbled my hand around the surface of the table.

Ah, found them, my glasses.

Too exhausted to notice, I slide them to my face.

For a minute I was confused: peering out in one eye observed everything red while the other observed everything blue– neither magnified the scenery.

I took them off.

Indeed, they were 3D glasses.

Without resisting, I giggled.

My son is quite the troublemaker but at the  same time he is quite funny.

“Elliot!” I yelled angrily.

Trotting in and leaning on the door, he asked tight-lipped, “yes, Dad?”

I stared blankly at him with the glasses flopping in my hand. My, oh-so-darling-son,  turned around for a second and laughed.

Then turning around, he again asks in a puffed up voice, “yes, Dad?”

In response, I put the glasses on and made a fish face at him.

Without any resistance, he bursts out laughing, throwing his head down and holding  his stomach.

He couldn’t stop laughing.

I waited patiently. After a bit, he comes up still giggling and hands my glasses.

Since I had the day off, I put my real glasses in my shirt pocket and instead, wore the 3D  glasses he gave me for the day.

My day captivated me; it was filled with bumping into things, squinting, and confusing  simple things for other things.

I stood for 10 minutes wondering who’s shoes were sitting by the kitchen wall, when in  fact, it was just plastic bag.

I wasted another 10 minutes staring at the teapot wondering what kind of contraption laid  on the burner stove.

The blue and red shades did not help me at all. I thought for a second after walking into  the living room, the couch magically turned  brown.

I have gone a long time without wearing glasses, so I was mind-boggled by these  unfamiliar shapes and blurry patterns.

To make it all worth it though, every time I walked pass Elliot, he would just fall to  the floor laughing. And I, myself, couldn’t help but to laugh with him or every time I passed a mirror.

Although, he ended up sweeping and washing the floors as punishment.