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“What are you doing,” I asked.
Elliot snapped his head up. “Nothing,” he responds trying not to giggle.
“I see.”
I walk out of the room, closing the door behind me. I tried taking a deep breath but all that came out was laughter. This kid is always causing trouble.

I walk back into the room and in the most serious tone I could muster, “What are you doing Elliot?”
He turns his head towards me piercing his lips together like a fish.
“Nothing Dad.”
“Hand it over.”
He looks down for a second and back up to me as he flattens his lips and proceeding to suck them into his mouth.
“Why can’t a kid just sit in the middle of his sister’s room in peace? You always have to blame me,” he says pouting while he tries to discreetly stuff the bra up his shirt.
“Since when did a little 7-year-old boy go into his older sister’s room to sit peacefully on the floor? But I will believe you, come and give me a hug. I have to go.”
He looks away for a second thinking about his next move.
“Right now?”
I kneel to his eye level. “Yes, right now. Hurry before I am late for work,” I asserted with a gesture motioning him to come.
Elliot suddenly bounces up clutching his hands in front of his legs.
“I need to go the bathroom really badly,” he screams and starts sprinting for to door ignoring my open arms.
I catch up and throw him into my chest.

I dreadfully wail, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” as I push him away from my chest and point to his stomach.
Looking up to the ceiling and piercing his lips together again, he retorts, “Nothing. What’s wrong with you?”
I stare blankly into his eyes. He tries to look away but he knows he is already in trouble. I pull the bra from his shirt.
“How many,” I begin the questioning.
He rolls his eyes and replies, “Just that one but–”
“No buts. I expect you to apologize to Georgia when she gets home,” I sternly state as I try to maintain my composure. “I have to go but you are not off the hook completely.”

I get up and look at the bra as Elliot scampers off.
In bold green magic marker the left breast says, “Got milk?”. The other side answers, “Lots of it” with a smiley face.
I could not help to shake my head as I laughed.