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Time Frame: The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, sought legal military intervention in the Ukraine (UA) through the acceptance of the Russian Parliament. Obama, the current US President as well members of the EU warned Putin that if troops were sent there will be consequences. Parliament accepted Putin’s request for military action. March 1 2014.

If there is a war in the near future I really hope that America tries to stay out of the situation until our impact will truly prevail with notoriety. We, the American people, do not need to start or join mindless, detestable wars in foreign countries. We need to remember what our predecessors did for this country; they were cautious and dubious about rushing into foreign affairs. Every man and woman who served (or will serve in the future) should be honored despite if a war is socially or politically correct. Everyone’s actions affect the human race and the planet. So understanding social and political issues accordingly without prejudices and without witless haste will save lives, animals, and the planet. Personal opinions should not cloud what is right or wrong for the country. Unfortunately making baseless threats, or threats at all in the beginning, are more harmful to the America and her citizens.

War is not necessarily bad. Sometimes it is needed. People who are fighting in wars are not necessarily bad people. They are just protecting their country. There are bad reasons to begin or continue or join a war. We just need to be more careful in our decisions. I am not confident to say our future decisions will not be frightening. We are winding down a very dangerous path. We need to stop and think before making threats. We need to remember foreign affairs are not our wars.

Future Reference: I do not particularly like writing about politics. I do not pick a particular side. My comments are based on what I personally believe what is not only ethical for personal or individual needs but also for the country at hand. I am not into the political debates. I am more for what is best for the economy, the Earth’s biosphere, social, and indiscriminate culture foundations than the dirty hands of politics. So political articles will not be the norm. I will write of what is requested of me though. I am more for the “fun stuff” ;D